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The comments below are from real patients that we have treated. We are very proud to have received such positive feedback.

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As a new patient at Cambria Dental Care I have nothing but praise for the work Jeff and Rhian carried out on my two front teeth. I had an accident when I was younger where my two front teeth got badly damaged and over time they became a lot weaker. I was sent to Cambria by my local dentist where Jeff and Rhian talked me through the process of having an implant and the cost. I was nervous at first but after each visit I felt more confident in the work being carried out. I am very pleased with the final results and I highly recommend Cambria to anyone. I can now smile without hiding my mouth.

Barry Williams

Having completed my implant procedure, mealtimes are now again a comfortable and confident experience.I recommend the treatment, well worth everything involved.

Mrs S Lewis

My whole experience at Cambria Dental was excellent. The preliminary visit/explanation/x-rays were all very thorough, and the treatment (fitting the titanium post) impressions and finally the full tooth fitting were allcarried out with care and precision, plus good commentary throughout the procedure whilst I was in the dental chair, which was very helpful. I would certainly recommend the practice to other people.

Faith Robinson

Opting for an implant retained denture has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! Working as a research biochemist, I damaged my teeth by pipetting concentrated acids by mouth with a glass pipette, and consequently lost a number of teeth. Years later, as a teacher, and lecturing for six hours daily, a loose lower denture made my job an absolute nightmare. It was then I opted for the new denture and within four months, teaching once more became a pleasure – and I could talk and eat without embarrassment! It was, without exaggeration, ‘life-transforming’! The procedure itself was painless and the follow-up care I receive is first class. I whole-heartedly recommend the treatment I received at Cambria Dental Surgery!

Dr Ruth Vincent

Recent Google Reviews

Clive WilliamsFebruary 2019

A massive thanks to Amir and his assistant, a more professional job extracting a troublesome molar than I deserve. Thanks again for your care and kindness… I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team at Cambria.

Sam BloxamDecember 2018

I was referred to Cambria dentist to have an infected root removed. What can I say other than the surgeon was so lovely, reassuring and explained everything in a very professional manner. I didn’t have a long wait at all. I highly recommend this dental practice.

Michael RobertsSeptember 2017

Absolutely fabulous practice! Had a large infected molar and impacted wisdom right next to each other which needed removing after weeks of torture and I was referred here to do it, They dealt with my nervous corpse (hah) professionally, calmly and very efficiently. I was in, had the procedure explained and job done within half hour and the way in which they did it was so calming it was unreal! HIGHLY recommended practice and if I didn’t live 30miles away would love to join them. THANK YOU!

Valerie PearceSeptember 2017

I had my wisdom tooth out and the staff made me feel at ease, supportive and care was great. The staff are friendly and helpful and I felt comfortable and would like myself and my family to join. Best dentist I’ve been to thanks.