At Cambria, we are fully equipped to offer intravenous sedation to specific patients. We use a sedative to make you feel less anxious, more relaxed and less aware of what is happening. This is not a general anaesthetic and it will not make you unconscious.

The sedative is given by an injection into a vein in your arm or the back of your hand. You will be awake and will still be able to talk to the oral surgeon, however, as you are relaxed, you may remember little or nothing about the treatment.

Once you have been sedated, we will give you
a local anaesthetic injection and perform the
treatment. Sedation by injection will help you
cope with dental treatment and reduce your

As you will be sedated, you will need to bring an able-bodied adult (escort) with you who can take responsibility for you. Your escort will need to come with you to your appointment, stay in the waiting area while you are treated, and take you home afterwards.

If you need a follow-up appointment, your dentist or dental nurse will let you know. You will either be given another appointment by the reception team or placed on the appropriate waiting list and sent a letter when an appointment is available.