We have built up an experienced team of dental implant experts at Cambria and many dental professionals already refer their patients to us. We provide the best possible care in our modern practise where patients will benefit from a full range of the latest equipment.

When you refer a patient to us for dental implant treatment, we will invite them for an initial consultation. This will include an assessment of their overall oral health and readiness for an implant, along with x-rays and impressions. We will also assess the level of underlying bone to see if it is sufficient to support the implant.

If the patient is a suitable candidate for dental implants, we will then discuss the options and procedure with them. We will advise them of the cost and other financial matters such as payment structure before the procedure goes ahead. This

ensures that the patient understands fully the procedure itself and any financial implications We will produce a written treatment plan which outlines the steps we will follow and the associated costs.

Once the patient confirms they are happy with the treatment plan and cost we will book them in to start their procedure. We welcome the referring dentist to contact us at any stage during the patient’s treatment and are happy to discuss any areas of concerns or more general questions that they may have in order to re-assure them that the patient is receiving the best care and treatment possible.

We are always happy for any referring dentist to visit our practice and to see the facilities that we have on offer and to meet the team.


Please complete the online form and attach any photographs, radiographs or notes you wish to include in your referral. You will receive a copy of the form sent to the practice email address you have provided.

Alternatively you can call us on 01792 202229 to discuss.