Good dental habits are the key to maintaining or improving your dental health Together with effective home care, it is also important to have dental examinations on a regular basis. During your examination appointment your dentist will thoroughly check your teeth, gums and other oral tissues for any signs of disease.

But the benefits of an examination don’t stop there. Regular examinations are an excellent opportunity for your dentist to monitor your home care and advise you when improvements or changes in technique may be required. All of this will hopefully result in less treatment being required in the long run.

In order to encourage patients to attend regularly, at Cambria we offer a range of dental care plans to suit each patient’s individual needs. Your regular monthly payment covers examinations as well as hygienist visits but also entitles plan members to a discount of any treatment that might be requires (excludes implants).

Plan members also benefit from DPAS Dental Assurance Cover, a policy which helps cover the cost of treatment should they need to seek emergency dental treatment whilst away from home.