Oral surgery is the term used for any procedure performed on the teeth, gums or soft tissues of the mouth. The term usually refers to smaller operations and includes such things as the removal of wisdom teeth, complex extractions, apicectomies, biopsies and implant replacement of missing teeth.

You may have been referred to Cambria as you need dental care which cannot be provided by your regular dentist, or if you have a complicated medical history. We are able to provide oral surgery treatment via an NHS referral or as Private treatment. Your dentist will be able to organise the referral for you.

Patients referred to Cambria will be treated by dental surgeons who have additional experience working in oral surgery departments in local

hospitals, or a Specialist Oral Surgeon (someone who is on the General Dental Council specialist for oral surgery), or an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon (a specialist in issues involving the mouth, jaw and face and who hold a dual qualification in dentistry and medicine) in in the comfort of a dental practice.

Oral surgery performed in a dental practice is now standard and all treatment at Cambria is carried out under local anaesthetic or with intravenous sedation – you will not be put to sleep. Many people don’t realise that simply having a tooth extracted is a form of oral surgery. There is no need to let the term frighten you or make you feel apprehensive.