As a specialist practice, Cambria is able to offer a range of treatments and procedures that may not be available in a standard dental practice. We are delighted to accept referrals for dental implants, periodontics, anxious patients, endodontics, oral surgery and CT imaging.

Rest assured, only the necessary referred treatment will be carried out. All other general dentistry will be referred back to the issuing practice. Any requirement or interest in other areas, will always result in the patient being referred back to their own dentist.

At Cambria we value in open and transparent communication with all patients, referring dentists and partners. It is our top priority to continue to provide a close relationship with all of our referring colleagues.

At Cambria, we are committed to involving you in the care we provide. When referring your patients to us, you can be assured that for every referral, we will:

  • Contact your patient without delay and see them at their earliest convenience.
  • Discuss all treatment options with your patient; keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Provide your patient with comprehensive treatment plans and estimates for each suggested treatment option
  • Carry out only the specialist treatment for which you have referred your patient.
  • Return your patient to you to resume their routine dental care following their specialist treatment with us.
  • Keep you informed of changes or additions to your patient’s treatment plan